Playing against AI ‘s

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Playing against AI ‘s

Postby Langmuir on Wed May 15, 2019 10:59 am

I am just curious about how others felt playing against AI’s without other players, like in 1v4 unfair match. Just to give a little background, a while back I became very disappointed in my microgame and really thought it needed work. I think I am OK with the macrogame or it something I am aware of and can learn. But it does no good to be in position if I am going to whiff on an easy save or easy shot.

I did some training but that got boring pretty quickly and did not seem to be like game situations. So I started playing 1v2 unfair. At first, they kicked my butt but I soon started playing better and was able win some games. Of course it was not just skill that improved, I was learning to play against the somewhat predictable AI’s. I also try not to play too defensive since I don’t think that helps me with my skill but may win games. It was fun and challenging for me. I never had to wait for a game, never had lag and could stop a game at any time if the wife or kids needed me.

Not that long ago, I decided I needed push myself more and started playing 1v3. Same pattern, got my butt kicked at first but learned to get better. I am fully aware that playing against AI’s is not like playing against people and many of the things that work against the AI’s will not against real people. I am very self-critical and I have whole list things I am working on now such as recovery after a collision and timing on simple aerials. I am getting close to where I want to be skill wise.

Anyway, I just want to see what other people thought about playing against AI’s. I am sure there are many that find 1v4 way too easy but that is not me at my current skill level. In general, I think the AI’s are pretty good against my skill level. They can’t do aerials but they will regularly shoot a perfectly timed double jump. They seem to do best when the ball is moving fast. Many times when the ball is moving slow they seem confused. They whiff a lot in the middle of the field but rarely around either goal. They are excellent goal keepers and will get back fast and make a save if out of position. They also seem to bait me sometimes and wait for me to commit on the ball and then hit it around me. However they are very easy to bait out of position as well. In 1v3, there is usually one of them that goes around collects all the boost. For some reason Mountain and Hound always seem to give me the most trouble or maybe I just notice more since I am GoT fan. They will definitely capitalize on my mistakes. If I make too many mistakes, a game can get out hand pretty quickly.

What do other people think about the AI’s?
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Re: Playing against AI ‘s

Postby Tentacles on Wed May 15, 2019 12:55 pm

You should always leave a TLDR when you type that much. But I really wish Elon Musk would make a Rocket League A.I. I would love to train duels against the best possible bots ever in a lag free environment.
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Re: Playing against AI ‘s

Postby Terminator775 on Thu May 16, 2019 2:13 am

AI are so dumb sometimes like, when my internet was down I got bored so I played season championship.

Here are some of the things they do:

-Miss a ball thats slowly rolling
-Going for a rampage of boosts(picks one up and then rushes to pick 2 or 3 more)
-Often confused when they have to save a clear goal so they roll away from the ball

So yeah, AI needs ALOT of work but its still funny lel
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