Can we increase punishment for harassment please?

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Can we increase punishment for harassment please?

Postby Zengrath on Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:19 pm

my entire weekend ruined by 99% of my matches having some toxicity of some sort. with some of matches personally getting attacked beyond auto chat. I just don't understand why people don't understand it's against the rules to verbally abuse other players, i especially don't get fact that its always teamsters. Everyone in-game admits that report system does nothing.. and # 1 reason everyone says they don't follow the "silly" terms is that in "real" world this is how it is. So apparently we live in a world now where 99% of people just flat out disrespect each other on a regular basis? got news for you guys, professional sports don't do this, proper tournaments don't do this, professional leagues don't do this, and just about every sport out there has policies against toxic behavior. And every job i've ever had your co-workers don't treat you like this in the "real world". so i don't understand why i'm constantly told to grow up, or go outside when i argue against toxicity, i live in real world, i have a full time job, if my whole life was as toxic as this game is, life would be pointless.

i was just watching a college football game recently where a guy celebrated by just fist pumping once, got a penalty and 4th down converted into a 1st down. He wasn't even celebrating for more then 1 second, it was just him quickly raising his hands in air. i thought it was absolutely silly and ridiculous. At least he's not disrespecting his fellow players but telling them off, telling them to quit playing in the sport, go kill themselves and so on. that i can fully understand getting a penalty/punishment for.

So we have pretty much everywhere in "real" world where people have to follow rules to ensure everyone simply enjoys the game, both fans and players. Yet in rocket league it's complete opposite end of spectrum where every player playing now thinks we should all be toxic and hateful to one another. and if anyone says anything about it or tries to defend themselves they are weak and need to stop playing or mute chat, etc. this is answer i always get. No one agree's with me that toxicity has 0 benefit what so ever.

again i would love for a logical explanation as to why we should be hateful to one another... in a video game, with other humans you don't know. and its' not just ranked, i play unranked a lot, i play dropshot/hockey modes too, it's all there in all modes. Why? We aren't playing for money, our lives aren't on the line. What gives you the right to continue to disrespect your fellow human players constantly. have we all forgotten we are all actual people? or do people think they are just bots with no feelings??

I've asked this since rocket league have come out. if people actually put thought into it, there is 0 reason to harass teammates. 0 reason. negativity isn't the answer to winning matches. I really don't get if teammates are doing it because they think talking bad to their teammates will make them better so improving odds of winning? or are they doing it to try and get them to stop playing. That''s exactly what's happening,, those who play who don't want to be verbally abused on a regular basis has all quit. And any new players who don't tolerate this disrespectful community also will realize the game isn't worth playing. only people left in this community is toxic people. I swear i don't think i seen a single game all day today where someone wasn't toxic in some way, even if it's just sarcastic autochats at teammates like "what a save" when they miss a save or "nice shot" when they miss a shot or don't hit it as well as they think.

Thing is everyone keeps saying i been carried. but i only play solo, i only play solo because there is no in-game party system,, i refuse to add people to my steam list, that is invasion of my privacy. i don't want people knowing when i'm online, when i'm offline,, what games i'm playing, and being able to msg me anytime they feel like it, only time i should be interested in playing rocket league is when i actually turn on the game. So yes i've gotten all the way up to champion 1 all by myself, no help, no carries. and that's with many games being lost due to trolls,, people quitting, ,people throwing matches, which does happen many many times a day. If i actually played with "friends" who i some how knew who played at my level i'm sure i'd be grand champ by now, but then i can see where people may have a reason to say i'm "carried". but fact is i'm where i'm at right now all by myself. Despite all the abuse i deal with on a game to game basis.

all i'm asking is for some middle ground. I don't expect people to act as professional as pro tournaments or real life sports, but i shouldn't be constantly dealing with this behavior almost every game.

Fact is i play to win simply so i'm not harassed by teammates, one of my only satisfactions of completing a game is doing so without harassment. It's sad but today it wasn't until game 6 or 7 that i finally played an entire match without toxicity, and i was so upset by this point that it wasn't even rewarding to have finally had that game without, because previous games was so bad. It's so frustrating that such a great game is being ruined by this community and report system obviously needs to increase it's punishments dramatically to get people to stop.

what is punishment btw? 10 minutes can't chat? 10 minutes can't play? i mean do people actually get serious punishments more they get reported? because right now its' not working. just ask anyone in-game, they all admit they can say and do anything they want, report system doesn't really hinder them.
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Re: Can we increase punishment for harassment please?

Postby Tentacles on Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:11 am

Tell us how you really feel. BTW I recommend the mute chat button.
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Re: Can we increase punishment for harassment please?

Postby Doomstrike on Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:13 am

What you see on tv doesn't cover everything.

If you have ever played 1 day of real sports you would know that trash talk exists

The reporting system definitely works and will tell you when you have helped getting people banned. If you want proof go ahead and say the n word ingame and ask someone to report you and enjoy an instant ban

You have options like Tentacles said, Mute might be the solution for you. If you can actually have your entire weekend ruined by people who quick chat troll you then just mute everything and add muted I go for kick offs. Or you can just mute as you see them but I would recomend the first

People can say anything they want as long as it's not actually offensive via swearing and racial stuff. Someone telling you that you suck is not going to likely get banned. You need enough people to report them and if you are the only person ever reporting them then it's not likely they will get banned.

quick chat bans last a month and if you actually say something like racial slurs' you will start with 24 hour bans and work your way to perma ban. Just use teh search feature and see how many I got banned threads exist already
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Re: Can we increase punishment for harassment please?

Postby NoOne-NBA on Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:06 am

I just got a "Thanks for your help in banning somebody" message yesterday, when I logged on, so at least one of my recent reports earned the other player a ban.

From what I see in your post here, you'd be best off adding a "No Chat -- Defending" message to your name, and turning off chat completely.
That will prevent you from seeing all the bad chat, but will also prevent you from seeing pre-kickoff messages, which can be problematic as a solo player, if you don't clarify it with some form of the name change I proposed above.

I would normally suggest setting chat to "Team Quick Chat Only", but you seem overly sensitive to the sarcastic "Nice Shot" and "What a Save" messages.
Team Quick Chat will allow you to see the pre-kickoff messages, while still blocking anything typed manually by your team, as well as ALL chat from the other team.

As far as adding people on Steam goes, you can block what information they are allowed to see, make yourself appear offline at all times, etc...
That will let you initiate any teaming up which occurs, without unduly restricting yourself to solo play, when you choose to be social.
If you do add someone who spams invites, you can ask them nicely to stop, and remove anybody who won't abide by that policy.

On the other side of this, ONE well chosen teammate can make a world of difference in this game, so I'd recommend you work toward that.
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