PC Ping/Packet Loss Constant

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PC Ping/Packet Loss Constant

Postby ManicGames on Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:34 pm

Hello TWIMC,

I currently own Rocket League on PC and Xbox and im an avid fan of both platforms. I started out playing on PC about 6 months ago where the game ran as smooth as melted butter, but i had to take a hiatus due to some furniture problems and got the game on Xbox. Once i finally got a new desk for my PC, I tried to return to rocket league (about 4 months later) and now ANY online session i go into has constant lag, ping 60-130+ jumps every 4 seconds and the game has become nearly unplayable.

Yes i use a wireless connection, no I do not experience any issues with any other games, my connection speed is just fine (the computer actually moved closer to the router), and Rocket League on my Xbox performs exactly how i'd expect the PC to play. This solely happens during online matches (competitive or casual) so I know it has nothing to do with graphics settings or PC performance. I also constantly have the packet loss symbol appear on during matches. I really want to get to play RL with my steam/discord friends but as of now, I have yet to find a fix. I've tried reinstalling, dropping frames rate, closing all other possible applications, even cutting off other devices. So this forum is the last place I have to turn to and I hope somebody out there who loves RL as much as I do will be able to help <3 <3 <3 <3

Until then, gg's my friends,

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