constant crashing

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constant crashing

Postby superfancybob on Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:09 pm

hello everybody and hopefully psyonix, i am currently going through a horrible bug on my game and it is quite frustrating. throughout my playtime in rocket league i would occasionally have a problem where the first match i start to join would all of a sudden crash my game. Needless to say i dealt with it because it was just occasional and i could reboot my game and it would be fine. As time passed the problem would occur more and more often, and recently it won't even allow me to join any games without crashing and rebooting no longer works, reseting everything doesn't work, and redownloading my game doesn't work. I think you get the point. My patience is running out so please help me, I like this game and have put plenty of money in this game all of my other games work so it is not a console issue. Please respond, I hope you will react properly because this is in no way right and should not be allowed. Sincerely Bongoboots. In case you fix it sometime Thank you for putting in time to help me, if not I'm sorry you couldn't figure out and it was nice contributing to your game for the time being.
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