XB1 Music Volume Bug

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XB1 Music Volume Bug

Postby fused2explod on Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:36 am

Since the patch I noticed my music volume wasn't consistent so I checked what it was. If I'm in a menu and don't press anything (no input) for 5-10 seconds the volume climbs to 100%. As soon as you press a button it drops to level set in options. It was hard to notice because when you're in a menu you're usually pressing buttons (keeping the volume at correct level). It will do this in-game and in-training if you pull the menu up and press nothing. It's always been like this when you first start the game (before pressing any button when you start the game it's on full volume). But now it's doing it when I press pause during training to take a phone call or when I put my controller down while queuing. I keep my music volume at around 20% while gameplay and master is 90%. I almost have to turn the music off at night because I'll forget and get up to grab something after a match and the music will be blasting in 10 seconds or so. Also created ticket at support.rocketleague.com. Thanks.
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