Costum decals creator.

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Costum decals creator.

Postby Rexx[BaTi] on Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:59 pm

As a new tab inside the garage.

At first the player would choose for wich car he wants the decal to be created.

Then the player will get the creator screen with a 3D model of the chosen car. With at the side multiple 2D shapes: lines. Triangles. Squares. Faces. Etc.

If you place one of these shapes you can click a key(can be choosen in the key binding) to choose an animation .
Fade. Time/speed. for that object.

Some animation ideas: move. Vanish. Rotate. Scale.
Herr the player can choose where the animation ends and what direction it goes to.

Fade ideas: top. Bottom. Left. Right. Middle.( all can be selected sapperatly and multiple options can be selected)

Time/speed will determine how fast the animation will go for untill it reaches the animation end point.

Extras: option to select wich part of the decal can be painted(wich shapes) and wich colour it can anf cannot change into.

Seasonly event: players are able to send there creations to nominate themselfs for a seasonly crate called: player creation winners crate. The best decals will be choosen by the gods of rocket league. This can be done by the voting system or manually if you want to give someone a hellish time rating a decal from 100000 people.

Votes: player are able to vote up or down on created decals. Players with high upvotes will most likely win the event. Created decals are not tradeable (unless from crate). To make sure that there are no "unwanted" shaped decals. The most upvotes must be manually watched to prevent a crate opening with a "funny lookin elephant or peach". The option to report players with these kind of decals might be a extra idea.

Club decal: an option in your club where the club leader can use a costum decal as a general club decal. This might be cool in Rlcs clubs. Members are able to enable or dissable it if they want to use other decals.

Gains for you: creative and artistic people would be more interested in RL and players will be more willing to be active to show the decals in game or forum.
A whole new fanbase will be created where people can show there ideas and gain possible fame in RL without having alot of skill in game.
Designers in your studio might get more insperation from created ideas and can keep up wich trend is more popular.
It also gives players more to look out for. And even gives recognition to some players. Making every season ending a tense waiting for the winning results.
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