Rocket League Micro Stutter on 60hz + 144hz Setup

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Rocket League Micro Stutter on 60hz + 144hz Setup

Postby HAMCORE on Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:01 pm

Hello all!

After some time trying to fix this issue I thought I would come here to see if someone knew how to get this fixed!

To start off, I don't have some low-end PC; I am running an Intel i7-8700 with a NVIDIA GTX 1080 on two monitors (one 60hz and one 144hz). This also happens on my brother's PC with a similar monitor setup.

I am posting this here because it ONLY happens with Rocket League.

The underlying issue is when literally any kind of video/animation is playing on the 60hz monitor while I am playing on my 144hz monitor the game starts stuttering. I maintain a true 144fps throughout the game with or without that issue, but the output just goes for crap. The animation could literally be a Steam notification flashing orange in the Windows task bar.

I made a quick video trying to show the issue and explaining it like I did here. Here is the link:

BEFORE EVERYONE ASKS ME ABOUT MY CPU/GPU LOAD, it is well under 100%. More or less 50%/40%.
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