Need an advice

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Need an advice

Postby natejasper133 on Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:26 am

Hello people,

I love dropshot, I love snow day, and I'm just now getting hooked on hoops. But it's a real bummer to not have comp for them.

Has Psyonix stated whether they have plans to add comp for them?

And would anyone like to see a 3v3 hoops with the court lengthened by say, 1/3rd? 2v2 is ok, but I'd much rather play 3v3 with a longer court.

Would it be doable to just make all games comp for hoops, snow and dropshot, and just let people disable the display of ranks for those who don't care? This way it wouldn't divide the player queue's for those modes. Or would that cause problems?

Thanks for your time,
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