connection lost e71

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connection lost e71

Postby packman on Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:22 pm

i have been having this issue on and off for months now i always seem to get it fixed just enough to play for a few days and then it does it again, at first i though it was my crappy internet connect, scratch that i got fiber optics now, then i was like maybe its my router so i got to playing around with the firm wears on my router and every time i switched from from stock to a different firmware it would play for about 10 games, so today i got a new router set everything up and boom worked for 2 matches and wont connect again, so far i have
1 checked all the help forums did everything they said to do.
2 changed routers
3 changed isp providers
4 change router firm wear
5. port forward dmz blah blah blah
6. firewall exceptions blah blah blah
7 and this is the biggest thing of all i reinstalled windows on my computer and still same issue.

someone help me Ive literately done everything you can possibly imagine to make this problem go away and its not going away... any help would be greatfully appreciated
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