Damage Inc. recruitment! (EU and NA)

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Damage Inc. recruitment! (EU and NA)

Postby Bus on Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:48 am

Damage Inc. recruitment!

My name is bus, an Damage Inc. recruiter. Damage Inc. is looking to recruit all sorts of players for Rocket League (and other games) and we're looking for you!
Rocket League has been around for a bit now. The eSports scene is growing more every season. People come to Damage Inc. to improve and have fun. Right now we have 4 Rocket League Divisions, 3 EU and 1 NA, which supports every rank, so don’t be worried about not being good enough!
Of course there are mandatory rules to joining Damage Inc., which you can find on our website.


Damage Inc. is a friendly, but professional gaming community that is not only looking to grow as a whole, but also wants the best for you. At Damage Inc. we believe in practicing together to improve, so we practice 2-3 times per week together. We will be providing both feedback and criticism towards each other to reach that singular goal, to conquer the rocket league community!
We also host weekly in-house as well as outside tournaments, such as: ESL, FaceIt, Gfinity, Rlcs etc. To play in those tournaments you need a team and here our teams consist of 5-15 members with 1 Team leader who schedules trainings and roster of 3 within the teams.

A few important rules:
- Your name on the forums, TS and Steam should be the same so you're recognisable for everyone! (keep in mind when registering on the forums)
- You always have to be online in TS (idle as AFK is fine too) whenever you're online or in-game in Steam
- You have to login to the forums preferably every day but AT LEAST once every 3 days, otherwise your account is set to registered guest and you have to re-apply

Recruiting info

If you’re interested in joining you can have a look at this.
https://di.community/topic/2-~how-to-jo ... rporated~/
It explains all basic information. If you want to apply, you could either sign up there (information can be found in that topic) or just let me know and I can help you out, either through discord, steam or in our community TeamSpeak server :)
(We use TS since it's much more convenient than Discord for the structure + size of our community ;))

My info:
discord: “Bus Of Death#3109”.
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/BestBoiBusBoi/
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