Clears can't get you to diamond

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Clears can't get you to diamond

Postby dlesar on Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:11 pm

I've heard many times, when people say what to work on to get better, that "good clears will get you to diamond."

This is not true. Maybe it was when they worked on their clears, but it's not now.

I've always been way better at defending than scoring. I don't play goalie or anything, but I often have the most saves on the team and can save some goals that most other people my rank couldn't (like the ball going over my head as I drive toward my goal). I hit the ball to the side when I clear. So I'd say I meet the "good clears" criteria that people give.
Currently, I've been sitting at Plat II for a long time. It's essentially a coin flip on whether or not I win the game. If my teammate is good at scoring goals, I win, and if they're not, I lose.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not useless offensively. I can sink a pass from a teammate, and I have deadly aim from the midfield, or even from my goal occasionally. But when I'm taking the ball up the field and the opponents are ready to defend, I'll almost never get it in.

Anyway, the point of this thread is to notice that the community is getting better. Good clears may have gotten you to diamond before, but now they'll only get you to mid-plat. So essentially, the skill level of diamond a few months ago is about the equivalent of mid plat now.

Also, if anyone has any offensive tips, they would be appreciated.
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Re: Clears can't get you to diamond

Postby Hydroxyde on Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:21 pm

There is a huge difference between a good solid shot to clear a ball, and a good clear

Yes... The very same clear you depicted is indeed a good clear that should take pressure off your goal, but... What happens when an opponent is ready for your clears?
I.E he is already waiting on the curve or wallriding to use your clear as a pass... It becomes a solid hit, but a bad clear

The biggest difference between ranks is... PURPOSE

Plats often pay little attention to how and where they shoot. The basic reflex is to flip at every ball, on every angle. Even if that shot becomes a great pass, it hinders the ability of players to get better as it rewards bad plays. The same happens when a teammate stoles a goal from you coming from behind. Yeah... You scored, but that person will be rewarded for a reckless decision that most likely will haunt him later on in the ladder

Diamonds still hit the ball as hard as they can, as often as they can... The big difference is the speed. Diamond is all about zooming fullspeed and trying to catch your opponent of guard, or punishing a slow rotation/contest

Champ is about creating pressure, stacking layers upon layers until the defense break. Every shot must be meaningful and have it purpose. Bait, make a player commit, take a player out of the game

The skill that can get you out of plat is most likely doing wallstuff. Learn the kinks of air wall drags, just drive into a ball on the wall and try to follow it up (grounded).
I advice you to take a page of my alpha console tittle "Rotate smarter, not faster" and slow down your plays, you will start to see way more options than booming. Use the side walls, in 45 degree angles, as self passes when people rush you. Try to drive always at the lower edge of supersonic. When people contest, you just boost a bit, and due the instantaneous acceleration you will get as you enter supersonic, you will win the contest and will most likely make you go past them with ease / or even gives you the opportunity to start a dribble
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Re: Clears can't get you to diamond

Postby Tentacles on Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:13 pm

Good clears need to be followed by conversions. Also what is meant by good clears is good positioning, one can't consistently get strong clears if their positioning is off.
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