nFamous eSports Looking for Serious Members

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nFamous eSports Looking for Serious Members

Postby Keikeo91 on Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:44 pm

So I am tasked with putting together a tournament ready team for nFamous eSports. I myself will be the captain but am looking for 2-3 more serious players looking to get into the eSports scene. We are looking to get started into some tournaments as often as possible and get our feet wet and names known!

I would like to start participating in ESL weekly/monthly, RLCS, MLD, and other tournaments whenever we are all ready and able too. I would like to see someone who is able to work well in a structured team environment and knows some of the basic teamwork strategies. I am able to practice many week night and weekends as my schedule is pretty free for the summer. I'm not wanting to run a team that is so strict that no one wants to play. I love the enjoyment of RL and want to continue having fun, so I'd love to play with others like that as well. I push myself daily to do better and want the same for others. I currently toggle between Plat3 and Diamond 1. I'll provide my RL Tracker page below.

What we look for:
-Someone who can play well as a team member. (aka, know how to rotate, communicate, and other effective team strategies)
-Someone who can take some helpful criticism if need, but also not afraid to kindly give advice to other teammates if they see they need work.
-Can't be scared to lose a few games here and there and not rage quit.
-Can't be hateful/talk down on other team members.
-Make multiple practices a week. (Can't get better if we don't practice as a team!)
-NA region is needed. (I am on East Coast)
-Good sounding microphone and ability to join Discord
-Plat or higher (if someone C1 or higher wants to join, that's okay as I mentioned my rank above)
-Provide your RL Tracker page
-Perferrable PC so we can party up

nFamous eSports Twitter:

Keikeo RL Tracker: ... 8014643162

Would love to hear from some of you and am very excited to see where this may go!

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Re: nFamous eSports Looking for Serious Members

Postby Casper1886 on Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:17 am

I am interested. I am Central and have a good mic. ... 8140637239
My discord is Casper#1226
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