Why no Splitscreen trading?

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Why no Splitscreen trading?

Postby Speedbun on Thu Nov 15, 2018 1:06 pm

So basically, today I decided to buy some keys so that I could get the Premium Rocket Passbut due to Xbox not wanting to work with me :roll: I ended up buying 30 keys instead of 10, not only that, but 20 of the keys ended up on a different account than mine(which was not the intention) Which, due to this account not playing this game, I ended up not only spending three times as much money as I should have had to, but I didn't even have any use for one third of what I paid for.
Now, I am in no was sayin that this is Psyonix fault, obviously, but I thought that "Hey! You can trade keys between players so then I can just log that account in, make it join the "Splitscreen party" and then trade those keys over to my account and then I will at least have the things that I paid for!"
So I did all that, but as it turns out, that's not a thing you can do in this game, It's only online trading that actually works.
I was rather, uhm, dusgruntled about this, because it felt like I had actually came up with a solution to my problem, but I was wrong.
Please Psyonix, I accidentally spent three times as much money as I should have on something that is practically gambling, so please, just let me have the ability to trade on Splitscreen, idk why it's not already in there?!
I am already mad at all games that use lootboxes, but when I have to pay REAL money to open them I get a lot more frustrated. And when I for some reason decide to waste real money on virtual cosmetics but I don't get my money's worth? Now THAT pisses me off. :frown:
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