Can season 10 be a HARD reset please!

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Can season 10 be a HARD reset please!

Postby tagKnife on Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:40 am

Every other games resets are hard resets, this helps in multiple areas. 1) It removes people from ranks they shouldnt be in (looking at you boosted players). All these players have to do gain rewards each season is play 10+(10*n) games. 10 placement matches to get last season boosted rank back then each reward teirs games. That sounds like alot, but considering I play about 10-20 games in a couple hours. Really isn't. You can get your champ rewards in 1 day, and thats it for the rest of the season. 2) It brings back the grind, if someone plays at a certain rank, they will get that rank back, eventually. They have to work for it, Just like they should for rewards. I have friends who are GC and they dont play match making so they dont have a chance to lose their rank. They play scrims, ESL, touraments or custom maps and game modes.

To end this thread, Reward the players who are top 10 on the leaderboards. Since players love titanium items so much I think they should get what ever the season reward is in titanium white + a title for top 10 in what ever leaderboard they were on. AKA "Top 10 Solo Duels Season 10". I feel these top 0.01% of players dont get rewards for their acheivements.
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Re: Can season 10 be a HARD reset please!

Postby NoOne-NBA on Tue Nov 13, 2018 10:09 am

We don't need a hard reset.
That would just create a whole heap of unnecessary chaos.

What we need is for Psyonix to learn the definition of the term "reset".
NONE of the "soft resets" they've done have actually "reset" anybody.
A TRUE "soft reset" would involve lowering everyone's actual MMR number down to the bottom of their current tier, then forcing them to play SLOWLY up/down out of that pile, with no help from "placement adjustment factors" and such.

If you shove all the Plat players to the bottom of Plat 1, then have them play from there with normal win/loss points, they will slowly split the original pile into three groups, rising/staying/falling.
This is where the currently used system fails because it puts everybody straight back into whatever muddled mess they were in at the end of the previous season, then gives/takes extra points, for a number of matches.
This process just confuses everything even further because poor players who draw good teammates get moved up even farther than they should, while good players who draw bad teammates get pushed down.

With a true soft reset players would only face other players within their current tier for a while, which should help separate the good/bad players within that tier.
As the good players move up, they would begin encountering the players falling from the higher tier, which should make it easier for everyone to find a more accurate home within the overall standings.
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Re: Can season 10 be a HARD reset please!

Postby Tentacles on Tue Nov 13, 2018 2:08 pm

If you feel like you are such an amazing player who deserves a much higher rank buy a smurf account, don't be surprised when you fall into the same rank tho.
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