Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby Zebreus on Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:39 am

They should add more titles. Right now there are only the lvl titles and the season grand champion titles. They could for example make challenges where you receive them like 'Do 50 aerial goals' and you get the title 'Aerial Master'
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby ZLAurora on Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:43 am

They should add an antenna which are 2 Nintendo Switch joycons and are attached to each other with a joycon grip, lol just a thought! :yaypsyonix:
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby BrokenNewt55071 on Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:44 pm

OR3OTHUG wrote:Edit: Feb 12, 2016 - This new update looks like it added a ton of uncommon items that I have listed in this post that the community has came up with. I feel honored by Psyonix to have my ideas along with other players ideas added to the game. Thank you everyone for your ideas!

Hey everyone Oreo here aka TJ2030 I remember seeing a thread like this before but it's no where to be found so I'm making a new one. I want to compile everyone's ideas I've seen along with my own. I know my boy Jalbert over at Psyonix will be checking this so let's do this give me your best antennas, toppers, and boosts along with any other ideas that aren't in the game yet.

Edit: With this list growing so rapidly I think it would be a great addition if psyonix put the names of the people who suggested certain things from this post. I think it would give people a special place in the game. Just show it in a little info box when the item is high lighted in game. :)


Lollipop (I think it would go great with the spinny hat :D)
Waffle - Waff
Oreo - plz Jalbert
Brotato - Protato & Jalbert
Chocolate Chip Cookie Flag/Chocolate Chip Cookie - xkoeckiiej
Spoon - Mikelaw
Playstation Flag - Got2bhockey
Foam Finger - Safehands/tustin25
Gorilla/Monkey Head - Mikelaw
Nice Shpt! Flag - Teolux
Lithuanian Flag - Nanuxas
Metalhand Flag/Antenna - V8-Zulu
Psyonix Bobbleheads
Stop Sign
Alien Head
Pink Fuzzy Die
Golf Ball
Rubber Duck
Devils Pitchfork
Music Note
Bacon Flag - My GF says everyone loves bacon
Party Hat
Bomb W/Lit Fuse - Die DOSE
Disco Ball - Die DOSE
Globe - ahelpnut12
Sun W/Sunglasses
Tetris Block - CTSG
Aku Aku Mask! - CTSG
Riddlers Question Mark? - CTSG
Companion Cube - CTSG
Hitbox TV Flag - CTSG
Toy Car - DemonSquidd
Bottle Cap - DemonSquidd
Controller - DemonSquidd
Lightsaber - DemonSquidd
Portal Turret Body - DemonSquidd
YouTube Flag - DaMaysta


Dunce Cap!
Graduation Cap
Bra (Like in little Nicky)
Spiky Helmet
Ice Cream W/Cone
CoolCole's Ginger Fro
Bunny Ears - Mikelaw
Animals Laying - Die DOSE
Half Peeled Banana - mikelaw
Spartan Helmet
Shogun Helmet
Cooking Pot
Fruit Hat
Bladed Weapon - Die DOSE
Santas Hat - Possibly Christmas DLC
Cowboy Hat
Pilgrim Hat
Leprechaun Hat
Deerstalker - Like Sherlock Holmes'
Plaid Hunters Hat W/Flaps - BostonApu
Mohawk - BostonApu
Construction Cone - The_deceased
Chinese Officer Hat (With Rat Tail)
Psyonix Team Cap
White Powdered Wig
Jester Hat
Shower Cap
Jack in a Box
Floating Lighbulb - My Girlfriend - She's a genius
Umbrella Hat
Chefs Hat
Bug - Like the exterminator vans
Ram Horns
Unicorn Horn
Rhino Horn
Shark Dorsal
Analogue Clock - Die DOSE
T-Rex Head - Die DOSE
Raccoon Hat - Die DOSE
Beer Hat/Soda Hat - Rated E - Rockertk
Tub of Popcorn - Safehands
Bearskin Hat - What the Queens Guards Wear
Russian Hat - PolishWarrior
White Flag - PolishWarrior
Ape Escape Hat - Monkeybrad91
MGS Exclamation! - CTSG
Spyro Wings - CTSG
Boombox - CTSG
Lakitu DemonSquidd
Chicken Bucket - DemonSquidd
Fedora - DemonSquidd
Candle - DemonSquidd
Red Button - DemonSquidd
Minecraft Black - DemonSquidd
Turban - Hachem
Bobbleheads - Lethalinjector
Hoola Girl - Lethalinjector


These don't exactly have to be made of the material they could just feature it.

Oreo Wheels! - Jalbert don't forget man
Waffle Wheels - Waff is craving these
Wheels W/Spike - I watched mad max recently ok..
Chocolate Chip Cookie Wheels - xkoeckiiej
Block of Swiss Cheese - Mikelaw
Spinners! - BostonApu
Wheels W/Pirate Skull
Chariot Wheels
Stone Wheels - The first wheel!
White Walls
Shield Design
Black Widow
Bone Wheels
Hypnotic Wheels - Die DOSE
Clock - DemonSquidd
Pie - DemonSquidd
Game Disc - DemonSquidd


Customizable number
"Shpt Happens" Bumber Sticker - Mikelaw - I think this would be cool for Dirk and Tree etc.
License Plate
Chameleon - Car changes between two colors from different angles.
Tiger Stripes
Fading Mist
Wipeout Decals - CTSG
Animated Decals -r3ntonboy

Boost Trail

Milk - It goes with the Oreo theme guys - Thanks @Psyonix_Morgan :')
Syrup - I think Waff would like this :)
Northern Lights - would be dope
Galaxy - who wouldn't want the galaxy flowing from the back of their car???
Farts - Godheit
Lightning - Electricity - Lachinio c:
Chocolate Chip Cookies - xkoeckiiej - I dig this
"Mr. Hankey's Christmas Spirit" - Shit - Mikelaw
Bass Wave - Rave - Lachinio
Heavens Light - it would sound like angels going ahhhhh
Playstation Boost - Got2bhockey
Bat Boost - Joosh05
Country Colored Boost - V8-Zulu
Variety of Fruit
Math Equations - Die DOSE - I think this would be funny with a nerd voice
Fur - BostonApu
Toilet Paper!
Spray Paint
Energy Balls
Silly String
Music Notes
Fire Extinguisher
A Better Water Boost
Rubber Ducks
DNA Boost/Helix
Heart Boost
Nuts N Bolts - Die DOSE
Heat Wave - Die DOSE
Demon Trail - mtjjrstccw1
Hologram - mtjjrstccw1
Kamehameha - DjNAK4MA
Sludge/Smog - mtjjrstccw1
Glitch Trail - mtjjrstccw1
Lava - mtjjrstccw1
Ink Trail - mtjjrstccw1
Bullet Trail - mtjjrstccw1
Nuclear Beam - mtjjrstccw1
Blood Trail - mtjjrstccw1
Journey Scarf - CTSG
Jet Afterburner - The_deceased
BOOOOOST - The_deceased
Negative Filter Black Boost - The_deceased
Black/White Feather Boost - The_deceased
Boost Spam - The_deceased
Playing Card Boost - Call it 52 Card Pick-Up
Various DBZ Character Energy Blasts - xkoeckiiej
Fox Trail - Faizefox
Shooting Star Boost - The_deceased

NFSMW Bmw m3 gtr - BrokenNewt55071 - Pay car (like the Nissan Skyline r34)
Speed Boat Car - Waka
Train Car
Semi-Truck - Mattz0r
3 Wheeled Car - Liquid739
Humvee - CaptainRooster22 - American Glory Pack
Tank - CaptainRooster22 - American Glory Pack


Classic Maps
Different maps for different sports
Custom mutator maps - xkoeckiiej
Dynamic/Changing Maps - Grup40
Circular Maps
Maps W/Obstacles
Pinball Map/Gamemode
Volcano Map - CaptainRooster22
Graveyard Map - CaptainRooster22
Western Map - CaptainRooster22
Beach Map - CaptainRooster22
(Page 8 for details)


Classic Pack - Classic cars and mini games - suggested by most people
Custom Aerial Training - xkoeckiiej
Statue of David outside of all stadiums holding bread - Oneill_Clan
Neon under car and headlight/tail light colors - vugtje
Garage to keep multiple customized cars/Different set up for different team.
Minimap(although I prefer not to have), Challenge mode, league teams for online and off - RIOT
Player cards - V8-Zulu
More private match options
Change Booster
Bumper Customization
Move and Resize Decals - mtjjrstccw1
Air Hockey Mode - Die DOSE
Change Item Color - Die DOSE
Goal limit instead of time limit - Jagmarky
Custom Loading Screens W/Fan Art
More Playstation Cars
Custom Goal Explosions - Waka
Custom/Downloadable Cars - DemonSquidd
Personality Core - CTSG
Car Horn - Liquid7394
Dodgeball - TruSolja
Rage quitters turn into salt - Volodesi
Bring party into free mode - Storm

Please everyone feel free to add on!
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby Zenon52 on Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:41 am

King_Sean313 wrote:Well known cars

-Flinstone car
-Speed Racer Mach 4, 5, 6
-Mystery Machine
Jetson car
-Hot wheels (most popular or from TV show (battle force 5
-A team van
-The General (dukes of hazzard)
-Emergency vehicles (police, Fire, Ems)
-construction vehicles
-garbage truck
-Military vehicles
-NASA Rover (like the one in Mass Effect)

Nice list.
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby KrayKaz on Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:10 am

Hear me out here... (Since there is this whole WWE thing going on)

Ric Flair goal explosion.

Just imagine it. You score a goal, and Ric Flair's head comes flying out yelling "Woooooooo!"

It could be fire like the skull or Rex, or it could be animated like the reaper, or something completely different... Please. Let's make this happen.
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby XShaders on Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:20 pm

The Toyota Trueno AE86 from initial D and also the other cars with the team stickers
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby thaPro on Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:07 am

XShaders wrote:The Toyota Trueno AE86 from initial D and also the other cars with the team stickers

I think it would be a good car.
I'm waiting for the team stickers but I think they ll be expensive, because psyonix and the team have to earn something.
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby TheMemory1347 on Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:31 am

Stat rewards. Where you meet X number of goals, mvps, juggles, demolitions, etc. and you unlock banners, decals, toppers, goal explosions, etc. based on each stat.
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby Spiffers on Mon Aug 20, 2018 1:40 pm

TheMemory1347 wrote:Stat rewards. Where you meet X number of goals, mvps, juggles, demolitions, etc. and you unlock banners, decals, toppers, goal explosions, etc. based on each stat.

I'm waiting for them to do something like this with the Certified items as well. However, there's been a lot of talk, especially directly from the developers, that we will not see stat based progression much, if ever, due to the fact that it can influence the way someone plays the game very significantly, and in most cases negatively.
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby Okydo on Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:39 am

Pls Psyonix do the Toyota Trueno AE86 from Initial D , I will instant buy it :'(
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby Damntanio on Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:31 am

What about a Speed Racer DLC? You could drive the cars from the movie and the various shows, I dunno, I think it would be cool
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby Zankanjo on Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:33 pm

Smokey and The Bandit.
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby Devastator on Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:18 pm

majerus1223 wrote:I would like to see some Tesla vehicles added.

Tesla DLC for the win!
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby SaneStone on Wed Oct 24, 2018 2:57 pm

Ok this might seem a little out there but I was thinking maybe bringing an RPG aspect to Rocket League. It would be insanely awesome. Throw a raid boss in both goals and throw in some ball elements. Teaming up with others to take down a MASSIVE raid boss. RPG Rocket League #RPGRL
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby J3ffro on Sun Oct 28, 2018 1:02 pm

Mad max and the thunder dome area
Super Mario go kart arena
Tron like area

Dukes of hazard car
Creepy truck from jeepers creepers
Themed cars to match rl toppers and antennas (weinermobile, a fish car, the monopoly car to match the rich hat)
Optimus prime truck and other transformers
Knight rider

Decals that you’d see on a T-shirt like The smiley face for example
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Re: Mega Requested DLC List - POST IDEAS HERE

Postby skitzosavage420 on Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:43 pm

since there are clubs bow,how about club/team goal celebrations? club exclusive banners? or make it so a club can design it's own banners. And last but not least,how about a bmd that can be changed to any bmd on game? Make it super rare and hard to obtain
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